Friday, 23 October 2015

HELLO WORLD!!!! It's Finally Here

So I decided to start blogging yesterday and I woke up today and started blogging.....but you know this is so not true and I really wish it was that easy. So let's start again.

This is the real story:
One sunny Sunday in March this year, after watching a movie titled 'Annie' and 'lazying' around my (very scattered) room, my day finally started by 01:00pm. I stumbled on an old diary in the process of cleaning up, where I wrote about starting to blog on the 11th of September, 2011 (writing now, I can remember how enthusiastic I was, but I can't remember where the whole enthusiasm flew to). Four years have gone by and would have strolled into five before this is becoming a reality.

Actually, it would have been a lot easier if I stopped considering all the 'what ifs' - What if I ran out of what to write? What if my blog got boring? What if people don't get to subscribe? Today, I got a question to my 'what ifs'. What if my 'what ifs' never happened? What if I have an unlimited source to draw posts from and never lacked what to put up? And Yes I do. Fear can be paralyzing - facing the matter squarely finally got me here.....story of my life!!!

So friends, that page on my diary is now a reality and this is eye into Port Harcourt (oh! I believe in this city and when I say this, people think I'm joking). I will definitely write about other places and other things (aside makeup, I'm flexible like that), but more about PH City.
That said I thought blogging was like opening an e-mail account or a BBM account - like you just register and just own a blog. I had to learn soooo many things on-the-job, and it was fun in the rong lun long run. Thumbs-up to all bloggers, I know better now.

Photo Credit: Seven3Studio.

Welcome to my blog. I promise, it will be worth your time and your data here. 
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