Friday, 17 June 2016


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Hello Lovelies!!!

The weekend is here again and I'm exceptionally grateful. Well I'm back, I finally pulled through that funny thing called 'the writer's block'.

Thank you to all those who reached out through mails and calls, to find out why I went silent. I'm really grateful because you give me reasons to want to keep doing this. I'm back and better.
Well.... I disappeared so I can find a new reason to fall in love with this blog again, so I gave her a lil TLC: changed the layout and design. You all know I've to find a never-dying reason to sit in front of my computer every time, so I had to introduce new topics - beauty, fashion and naaaaails (I can never get tired of these). Come enjoy this ride with me.

I've been on a healthy nail journey, so I decided I won't be stingy with my routine and knowledge. I will let you in on everything and anything you need to know. Many people complain about the poor state of their nails and how it never grows or ask me: "what do I do to make my nails grow long?" and I tell them something as easy as drink lots of water and I see all the doubt of Thomas on their face.
The truth is: there is no quick fix to nail growth. If you love something so much, you have to be willing to dedicate your time to it. My post on nail and nail growth may not be for everyone. People will still opt for the easy way out, which is fixing of artificial nails.

Today, I won't be bugging your head with too much information. I will just prepare your heart towards what you should be expecting and try to give you reasons why you should adopt good nail culture and the rest is for you to decide. After having my share of weekly nail fixing (and I mean a change of my artificial nails every Sunday), I had to tell myself the truth....."Chizzy! you are hurting your nails".
So I decided to take a break and I told myself that I won't fix my nails again until I find a better and healthy way to do it. By healthy I meant another option aside having to put super glue on my nails.
Think of it this way: Imagine you have a dress you stitch regularly and you loosen the same stitch regularly. With time, your dress wear out. This is not far from what happen to your nails when you make your nails and super glues best friends.
Guys!!! this is super glue not nail glue

According to the manufacturers, this is good for bonding metal, plastic, wood, porcelain, glass, paper, leather and rubber. I didn't see nails amongst this list, obviously the manufacturers never had your nail in mind, but most nail saloon use this on client due to ignorance or just because they do not care (after all it does the job and they get their pay). In a layman's explanation, super glue leaves with the top layer of your nails every time your artificial nails come off, this leads to very soft nails with peeling layers and split ends which eventually leads to a nail that never grows. This is the difference between super glue and nail glue.

Nail Glue
I had a 5-year-fast from nail fixing until I discovered nail glue. I'm yet to use this particular brand, but a friend who introduced me to this brand swears by it (I will let you know what I think once I do).
It's advisable you buy one of this and take along with you the next time you have to visit the nail saloon (if you love your nails). You can go on a nail fast weekly or monthly, it allows your nail recuperate and allows you pay proper attention to your own nail, instead of wearing a nice dress over..erhmm...'it' (truthfully..I used 'it' to dodge using every other adjective in my head...they seemed too's stop there).

I have a whole lot to tell you, but the shorter, the better, as every thing cannot be learnt in a day. I will break down this discussion into series to enable you retain all I have to say (actually I feel really sleepy).

I hope you learnt a thing or two from this post.





  1. awesome as the writer. a truly educative and VERY interesting read. go 'gurl'!
    5.14am,June 18,2016

  2. Indeed you are making common sense. Thanks I didn't know there was some other glue like "nail glue". Keep it up...

  3. Awesome. I AM impressed. Keep it up.

  4. Brief,yet thrilling... Thanks for the education, I'm proud of you! Anwuli

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  6. Lovely write up.
    I had my nail damaged by a stylist who thought i was crazy when i told her i didn't want to use the super glue for my nails. I haven't fixed in a while and my nails are healthier now than ever. Thanks for the info, I'll make sure to drink lots of water.