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REVIEW || BOLE KING [An Unusual 'Bole' Restaurant]

Bole(pronounced as 'boh-leh') is roasted plantain eaten with red palm-oil sauce and is incomplete without fish. Bole is usually barbecued and sold in the open alongside yams, sweet potatoes, ugba leaves(oil-bean seed), uziza leaves [(piper clusii). I've always wondered how people eat something as bitter as uziza] and other not-so-boring stuff. I heard some group of people use a so-boring stuff called groundnut to eat bole. Who does that? That's an insult to bole. Actually, I feel it makes bole a snack instead of a food.

If you live in Port Harcourt, you can attest to the fact that nobody prepares a good 'bole' better than PH City. I'm not bragging, I'm just stating a fact that even google agrees with.
Try searching for 'Bole' on google. Have you? Oh! you didn't see it as roasted plantain 'abi'(did you)? Search for 'Bole in Port Harcourt'....then search for 'Bole in....'(put any state/city). Now you get my point.

Its on this note I'd love to introduce 'Bole King'(**drum-rolls**). Oh Bole King! My Bole King!! The rave about this place from my friends was so much and I wasn't disappointed when I finally visited. I took a sneak peek out of the window of the car, while the driver was still trying to initiate a turn and there I saw Bole King standing proud in all its partly 'thatched-roof' glory,already giving me a welcoming local feel. It is situated along the road and this makes it accessible. There's a large space behind, just in case you're already thinking about where to park your car.

From the entrance, the interior had my attention already. It wasn't so large, which is a plus to the place, as this added to its coziness, cancelling any plan you had to be all prim and proper as any fast food or restaurant will have you be. It had the kitchen and dining section well managed in the same place and can take in an estimated number of 14 persons. 

Bole king gives you a native/local/African vibe from the chairs that can sit at least two persons comfortably to the tables, the salt and pepper shakers to the palm-wine gourds and cups(yes! they serve palm wine oh!!!), including the apron of the attendants(made from African prints) and hand-fans made from raffia. Everything in there just reminds you that you are about to indulge in something so Nigerian.

On to the main thing that brought me here - BOLE. Oh! I can feel my tummy rumbling. These guys took your regular along-the-road-roasted, eaten-in-the-open bole and polished it, giving you back something so classy, hygienic and off-the-hook. Trust me, the taste didn't change, it only got better and you got more comfortable eating - everybody loves good packaging.

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I love the fact that aside your regular palm-oil sauce, fish, yam and potato, Bole King offers you a variety of ways to enjoy eating bole ranging from pairing with cole slaw or eating with chicken, snail or croaker fish as well as healthy drinks or palm-wine. See the variety Bole King offer on their menu HERE.

Bole King is also available for outdoor services such as wedding, parties and other functions and for those busy to visit Bole King, the convenience of home or office delivery goes for a veeeerry flat rate of #300. Their delivery service currently covers within Agip, G.R.A, Olu-Obasanjo Road, D/Line, Old G.R.A, Peter-Odili Road and Trans-Amadi and orders are placed based on  the code assigned to the item you want to order. Zoom in, to see details on how to order in the picture HERE


ADDRESS :       10 Omoku Street D/Line, Port Hacourt, Nigeria.

PHONE No. :     08179670902

MAIL :     


INSTAGRAM : @Bolekingng

TWITTER :       @bolekingltd

 All I can say is that the prices are very affordable for the comfort of eating-in or using the convenience of delivery service. I could go on filling your ears eyes with reasons why you should visit Bole King but right now my fingers and back hurt from typing and sitting on this chair, plus I'm already hungry and I have a pile of laundry waiting for me, but it's weekend - so its a nice spot to hang out with your friends. 

I'd love to hear from you - leave a comment below. Let me know your opinion about Bole King if you've visited before or plan to do so.


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